(Our Own) Rookie Road Trip


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Three other amazing Rookie readers & I organised a Rookie Mag Reader Meet up in Miami back in August. I finally decided to share them more after just adding them to Facebook.

Oh yeah, I used Instax so many of the “Prom Poses” are missing as we let everyone take theirs home! I still haven’t loaded the digital ones yet. Blerg I’ll get to it!

We are high-waisted pants queens, yo.

Amina & Alyza at Sweat Records, Miami.

Thrifting & Nat’s amazing backpack she hot-glued during our crafting & flower crowning.

Marina at Sweat Records. She is uber kewl & reminds me of Grimes (Claire Boucher).We had smoke bombs, brought by a lovely fellow photographer, Sophie.Some of the most awesome people you will ever meet in less than 24 hours.

Bakery near Merrie Christmas park in Miami where we spoke some Español & drooled over cakes.Class yearbook photo! (above)Someone’s beau, I forget who, I want to mail them their photo though.

XOXO, Cara


Super Prep!


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Before leaving for Uni, Molly & I got together for a very preppy sorority-girl photo shoot on her golf course. (So posh, I know).

Le fabuleux bow

I love Molly’s faces, they’re so great! And even though I “should” like photos containing her personality, I really love the last photo for its artistic appeal. Somehow the colouring turned out to be a “Lux waking up on the football field” Virgin Suicides feel.

Hope to post more often (sorry guys!).

xoxo, Cara

Sunrise Tea


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You know, there’s really something quite lovely about waking up early and having breakfast, or practically doing anything before the dew evaporates in a climbing sun. I originally planned this morning to go out for a French breakfast, since I watched Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations in Paris yesterday, making me crave le pain, le fromâge, et other delicious French foods (& maybe some Oscar Wilde-esque absinthe…when I’m of age).

Anyways, I ended up making myself Aveda Thé, which is pepperminty, yet with some substance due to the licorice root (no sugar or anything unnatural added! Yay!).

Now I need to bake something & eventually catch up on my fashion blogging…

xoxo, Ferris

Pastel Milkshake (Morning Preview)


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Here’s a preview of my 1950s outfit I’ll be posting at the end of the day!

(Adventures await!)

& Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe! I’ll be wearing Russian Red lipstick in honour of her.

  • Shirt: Loft
  • Skirt: American Apparel
  • Socks: Keds
  • Shoes: Rachel Antonoff for Bass
  • Glasses: Costume & crafted
  • Belt: Abercrombie (hahaha)
  • Scarf: My Grand Aunt’s

xoxo, Ferris

Palm Beach Inlander


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As I listen to a Spanish guitarist skillfully strum a woody instrument via my extensive iTunes playlist of classical/museum-sounding music, I upload the first full-outfit on my style blog.

Outfits were inspired by Peter Weir’s Picnic At Hanging Rock, yet I added a slight vintage Palm Beach twist to it as a homage to my hometown.

  • Dress: Vintage Jody T of California
  • Blazer: Ann Taylor
  • Platforms: Urban Outfitters Ecoté
  • Aviators: LOFT
  • Silver Bangle: Vintage
  • Ring: Tiffany & Co.

I wish this could have been better, but where I live is dreadfully hot, humid, & guess what, now it’s raining.

I’m going on a photoshoot with my dear friend Xtina tomorrow so hope something lovely will turn out of those!

Kindest Regards, Ferris


Your nails are your canvas


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Good Morning girls (and guys), or anyone actually reading my newly founded blog, I decided to post something now as I drink the soy milk out of my cereal bowl. Even though I’ll have an outfit post ready later, I wanted to brag (muhahaha.) So here it is!
I did my nails based on an idea I think I remember reading about on the internet (but I forgot the source, conveniently, many would say).
What it basically is is, you just print out really small versions of pictures of what you want on your nails then cut them out and seal them onto your drying nails with a top coat! BAM! Instant interesting nails. It’s like the cheapest, easiest conversation piece ever!

Xoxo, Ferris

p.s. Yes I do have Quentin Tarantino, the X-Files, Freddie Mercury, Mia Wallace, Dakota Fanning in The Runaways, and some French words on my nails. Do you like my magical crystals I’m holding, so hipster, oh no. 

Photo credits to Kaddy

Bonjour, le monde

As my first fashion blog post, I would like to (try) to introduce myself, in hopes you may follow my chameleon-like style as I try to figure out my self and personal brand of fashion which I currently label as ever-changing-weirdness. I hope to publish at least once a week, to stay committed and interesting.

I use my nom de plume of Ferris Jenkings to write, while my real name is apparent on other websites and in reality, so if I refer to myself by my real-name, don’t be confused!

Favourite films: Pulp Fiction, The Virgin Suicides, Big Fish

I wish I could own: Photoshop, Miu Miu, a lovely oil painting, preferably an Edward Hopper.

Music: The Smiths, Bon Iver, Best Coast, Florence + The Machine, Pink Floyd (Pink Freud, as the psych students call it ha.ha.)

Best foods (Just because you’re fashionable, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy all of life’s flavours too, although I do have to say, I struggle to see myself as “fit” many times):  French macaroons, Cream cheese & lox, San Pé

Well, cheers! Et bonne chance!

Ferris Jenkings a.k.a. c.c.

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