Pastel Nottingham


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Petite Paintings

by Caroline Van Doering aka Ferrisfollies

by Caroline Van Doering aka Ferrisfollies

I took up painting little things and happenstances that I loved with a high note in pink! Inspired by hawaiiancoconut x Wildfox

05061301 Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 8.01.03 PMWatercolour art and quick drawing on the computer.

xoxo, Ferris

(Our Own) Rookie Road Trip


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Three other amazing Rookie readers & I organised a Rookie Mag Reader Meet up in Miami back in August. I finally decided to share them more after just adding them to Facebook.

Oh yeah, I used Instax so many of the “Prom Poses” are missing as we let everyone take theirs home! I still haven’t loaded the digital ones yet. Blerg I’ll get to it!

We are high-waisted pants queens, yo.

Amina & Alyza at Sweat Records, Miami.

Thrifting & Nat’s amazing backpack she hot-glued during our crafting & flower crowning.

Marina at Sweat Records. She is uber kewl & reminds me of Grimes (Claire Boucher).We had smoke bombs, brought by a lovely fellow photographer, Sophie.Some of the most awesome people you will ever meet in less than 24 hours.

Bakery near Merrie Christmas park in Miami where we spoke some Español & drooled over cakes.Class yearbook photo! (above)Someone’s beau, I forget who, I want to mail them their photo though.

XOXO, Cara


Super Prep!


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Before leaving for Uni, Molly & I got together for a very preppy sorority-girl photo shoot on her golf course. (So posh, I know).

Le fabuleux bow

I love Molly’s faces, they’re so great! And even though I “should” like photos containing her personality, I really love the last photo for its artistic appeal. Somehow the colouring turned out to be a “Lux waking up on the football field” Virgin Suicides feel.

Hope to post more often (sorry guys!).

xoxo, Cara

Sunrise Tea


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You know, there’s really something quite lovely about waking up early and having breakfast, or practically doing anything before the dew evaporates in a climbing sun. I originally planned this morning to go out for a French breakfast, since I watched Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations in Paris yesterday, making me crave le pain, le fromâge, et other delicious French foods (& maybe some Oscar Wilde-esque absinthe…when I’m of age).

Anyways, I ended up making myself Aveda Thé, which is pepperminty, yet with some substance due to the licorice root (no sugar or anything unnatural added! Yay!).

Now I need to bake something & eventually catch up on my fashion blogging…

xoxo, Ferris

Pastel Milkshake (Morning Preview)


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Here’s a preview of my 1950s outfit I’ll be posting at the end of the day!

(Adventures await!)

& Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe! I’ll be wearing Russian Red lipstick in honour of her.

  • Shirt: Loft
  • Skirt: American Apparel
  • Socks: Keds
  • Shoes: Rachel Antonoff for Bass
  • Glasses: Costume & crafted
  • Belt: Abercrombie (hahaha)
  • Scarf: My Grand Aunt’s

xoxo, Ferris

Palm Beach Inlander


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As I listen to a Spanish guitarist skillfully strum a woody instrument via my extensive iTunes playlist of classical/museum-sounding music, I upload the first full-outfit on my style blog.

Outfits were inspired by Peter Weir’s Picnic At Hanging Rock, yet I added a slight vintage Palm Beach twist to it as a homage to my hometown.

  • Dress: Vintage Jody T of California
  • Blazer: Ann Taylor
  • Platforms: Urban Outfitters Ecoté
  • Aviators: LOFT
  • Silver Bangle: Vintage
  • Ring: Tiffany & Co.

I wish this could have been better, but where I live is dreadfully hot, humid, & guess what, now it’s raining.

I’m going on a photoshoot with my dear friend Xtina tomorrow so hope something lovely will turn out of those!

Kindest Regards, Ferris