As my first fashion blog post, I would like to (try) to introduce myself, in hopes you may follow my chameleon-like style as I try to figure out my self and personal brand of fashion which I currently label as ever-changing-weirdness. I hope to publish at least once a week, to stay committed and interesting.

I use my nom de plume of Ferris Jenkings to write, while my real name is apparent on other websites and in reality, so if I refer to myself by my real-name, don’t be confused!

Favourite films: Pulp Fiction, The Virgin Suicides, Big Fish

I wish I could own: Photoshop, Miu Miu, a lovely oil painting, preferably an Edward Hopper.

Music: The Smiths, Bon Iver, Best Coast, Florence + The Machine, Pink Floyd (Pink Freud, as the psych students call it ha.ha.)

Best foods (Just because you’re fashionable, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy all of life’s flavours too, although I do have to say, I struggle to see myself as “fit” many times):  French macaroons, Cream cheese & lox, San Pé

Well, cheers! Et bonne chance!

Ferris Jenkings a.k.a. c.c.