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Good Morning girls (and guys), or anyone actually reading my newly founded blog, I decided to post something now as I drink the soy milk out of my cereal bowl. Even though I’ll have an outfit post ready later, I wanted to brag (muhahaha.) So here it is!
I did my nails based on an idea I think I remember reading about on the internet (but I forgot the source, conveniently, many would say).
What it basically is is, you just print out really small versions of pictures of what you want on your nails then cut them out and seal them onto your drying nails with a top coat! BAM! Instant interesting nails. It’s like the cheapest, easiest conversation piece ever!

Xoxo, Ferris

p.s. Yes I do have Quentin Tarantino, the X-Files, Freddie Mercury, Mia Wallace, Dakota Fanning in The Runaways, and some French words on my nails. Do you like my magical crystals I’m holding, so hipster, oh no. 

Photo credits to Kaddy