My style is an accumulation of things I dream up and inspiration from the films I watch from Clueless to Kill Bill.

What I wear depends on my mood and how I want to present myself (obviously guys! sometimes my mum says “you look Amish” is that an insult?! I don’t think so, it’s tres cool…well because it’s different & representative of such a lifestyle.)

I’m fashion bi-polar.

I adore Rookie Mag.

I listen to NPR, like a geek. (Science Fridays are lovely…you should take a listen, especially to the psychology lectures…which leads me to TED talks.)

I wish I were French, but I speak Spanish as a second language (not that I am at all! Thank you International Baccalaureate Programme.)

I may be cliché at times.

I quote movies, which make me sound clever if no one has ever heard of Pulp Fiction (you must watch if you haven’t seen it).

I also run a personal/random blog on the oh-so-teenagy Tumblr.


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